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Students in the Globalization thread explore contemporary international issues by analyzing global and transnational forces and the interconnectedness of states, cultures, ethnicities and people. The thread examines power relations within and across borders and addresses challenges to the traditional nation-state. Students consider concepts of globalization and global citizenship through media, arts, language, economics, history, and politics.

This thread is 9 hours.

Students must take courses from at least two course levels: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000.
Courses must be from a minimum of two disciplines. 

Required Thread Course  
POLSC 1100 Introduction to International Politics or
HIST 1110 World Civilizations: A Survey of the Global Twentieth Century
4 hours
Select Additional Courses to Meet Thread Requirements  
ARH 1030 Survey of Non-Western Art History 3 hours
GLST 2500 Rwandan Culture through Film and Literature 3 hours
MFREN 3200/MFREN 4200 French Culture and Civilization 4 hours
IDS 3230 Experiential Learning - Globalization Thread 1-2 hours
MFREN 3430/MFREN 4430 Francophone Literatures 4 hours
MGRMN 3610/MGRMN 4610 German Film and Society 4 hours
MGRMN 3620/MGRMN 4620 German Media 4 hours
POLSC 2710 Global Politics and the United Nations 2 hours
POLSC 3100 Modernization and Development 4 hours
POLSC 3710 Human Rights 4 hours
THTRE 2200 International Cinema 3 hours