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Graduate Degrees and Requirements

Degrees Offered

Nebraska Wesleyan University offers the following graduate degrees:

(Master of Forensic Science/Master of Science in Forensic Science and Master of Historical Studies degrees are currently not enrolling new students.)

Graduate Degree Requirements

All candidates for graduate degrees must complete the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours, of which at least 21 hours must be completed at Nebraska Wesleyan.
  • Completion of degree program course requirements, as specified by the pertinent program.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.67 with a minimum grade of “B-” for courses meeting graduate program requirements.

Residency Requirement

Students earning a graduate degree must complete at least 21 hours of graduate work toward the degree at Nebraska Wesleyan.

Time Limit/Catalog Determination of Degree Requirements

Students must complete all coursework in their master’s degree plan within 10 years from the time of matriculation in the degree program.

Note: Any degree completion limits for the master’s degrees can be extended for the length of documented military deployment.

Students must meet graduation requirements stipulated in the catalog under which they first matriculate in their master’s degree program. However, a student may select requirements announced in a subsequent catalog instead of those in effect when he or she first matriculated. If a course listed under a student’s degree requirements is no longer offered, it will be replaced with a course determined by the program.


Each student is responsible for making certain he or she has met all degree requirements. Advising and an online analysis help students monitor their progress toward graduation.

Candidacy for Graduation

In order to be a candidate for graduation, a student must file his or her graduation application in the Registrar's Office. It is recommended that this take place one semester prior to graduation so that if there are any deficiencies in the student's record, the student may adjust his or her schedule as needed. The faculty recommends graduation candidates to the Nebraska Wesleyan Board of Governors for approval. Nebraska Wesleyan confers degrees twice per year, December and May; however, graduation ceremonies are held once a year in May. All candidates are encouraged to participate in the commencement program; however, students have the option of graduating in absentia.

No student is allowed to participate as a graduation candidate in more than one commencement program unless returning for a second degree. See the Registrar's Office for additional information.

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from Master's Program

Leave of Absence: A student wishing to take a leave of absence for the upcoming term(s) should declare this intention to his or her advisor or program director. A leave of absence allows the student to maintain an active status within the program without enrollment. Within the leave of absence the student may re-enroll for courses by notifying his or her advisor. The time limit to complete degree requirements is not reduced for students who take a leave of absence, unless a petition to grant an extension is submitted and approved.

Withdrawal:  A student wishing to withdraw from his or her master's program must declare his or her intentions in writing to the program director and advisor.

A student withdrawn from a program who wishes to re-enter the program must reapply for admission, send a new application fee and follow all other required application procedures in place at the time of reapplication. (If the re-entry is within one year from the withdrawal, the program director may waive the need for reapplication.) The original time limit to complete degree requirements remains in effect. unless a petition to grant an extension is submitted and approved.

Earning a Second Master’s Degree

Second Master’s Degree for Nebraska Wesleyan Master’s Graduates
A Nebraska Wesleyan master’s graduate wishing to earn a second master’s degree must meet all requirements for the second master’s degree. A maximum of 12 hours of program-approved credit from the first master’s degree may be used toward the second master’s degree. The culminating research/internship/major project of the two degrees must be distinct.

Master’s Degree at Nebraska Wesleyan for Master’s Graduates from Another Institution
A person wishing to earn a master’s degree at Nebraska Wesleyan who has already received a master’s degree from another regionally accredited institution must complete at least 21 hours of graduate work at Nebraska Wesleyan. The degree shall not be in the same discipline as the degree the student has previously earned. Fulfillment of all program requirements is required. The culminating research/internship/major project must be earned through Nebraska Wesleyan.