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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of Nebraska Wesleyan University is the governing body of the institution. Membership on the Board includes not more than 31 persons elected by the Board of Governors, two members elected by the students, two elected by the faculty, the Bishop of The United Methodist Church having supervision of the area in which Lincoln, Nebraska, is located, the President of the Alumni Association, and the President of the University.

Members of the Board of Governors as of June 1, 2016, are:


E. Susan Gourley, Ph.D.
Chair of the Board and Chair, Executive Committee;
Superintendent (retired)
Lincoln Public Schools
Lincoln, Nebraska

Kim S. Moore, M.S.N. (’90)
Vice Chair and Chair, Board Affairs Committee;
President and CEO
CHI Health St. Elizabeth
Lincoln, Nebraska

Judith R. Maurer, M.S. (’69)
Secretary of the Board;
Founder, Low Load Insurance Services
Tampa, Florida

L. Bradley Hurrell, B.S. (’73)
Treasurer of the Board and Chair, Finance and Audit Committee;
Partner (retired)
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dan L. Flanagan, Ed.D.
Chair, Academic Affairs Committee;
District Superintendent
Great Plains Conference, United Methodist Church
Omaha, Nebraska

Hon. John M. Gerrard, J.D. (’76, L.H.D. ’13)
Chair, Student Affairs Committee;
U.S. District Court Judge
U.S. District Court-District of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska

David G. Hansen, B.S. (’77)
Chair, Enrollment and Marketing Committee;
Swanson Russell
Lincoln, Nebraska

Kent Seacrest, J.D.
Chair, Facilities and Environs Committee;
Attorney, Seacrest & Kalkowski
Lincoln, Nebraska

Cori Vokoun, B.A.
Chair, Advancement Committee;
Vice President
Sampson Construction
Lincoln, Nebraska


Charlotte A. Abram, M.Div. (D.D. ’06)
Senior Pastor (retired)
TRI Community United Methodist Church
Omaha, Nebraska

Julie M. Anderson, M.B.A. (’97)
Principal, AG Strategy Group
Bethesda, Maryland

Jeffrey J. Butterfield, M.B.A. (’98)
President, Nebraska Wesleyan University Alumni Association;
Assistant Vice President-Institutional Middle Markets, RBC Capital Markets
Lincoln, Nebraska

Kevin E. Cook, B.S. (’86)
Overland Park, Kansas

D. Todd Duncan, B.S. (’88)
Chairman, Duncan Aviation
Lincoln, Nebraska

Daphne Hall, B.S. (’92)
Senior Vice President, College Access Programs
EducationQuest Foundation
Lincoln, Nebraska

Matt Harris, B.S. (’93)
Chief Executive, Arbor Day Foundation
Lincoln, Nebraska

Stephanie Howland-Moline, B.S. (’82)
Executive Vice President
First National Bank of Omaha
Omaha, Nebraska

Mary Sanders Jones, M.B.A.
Vice President and Treasurer
Union Pacific Corporation
Omaha, Nebraska

Bishop Scott Jones, Ph.D.
Great Plains Area United Methodist Church
Wichita, Kansas

Susan Keisler-Munro, M.S. (’85)
Senior Vice President, Chief of Operations
Assurity Life Insurance Company
Lincoln, Nebraska

Kaitlin Klein (Class of 2018)
Student, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Richard Legge, M.D. (’82)
Omaha, Nebraska

Karen Linder, B.S. (’82)
President & CEO, Tethon 3D;
Principal, Linseed Capital LLC
Omaha, Nebraska

Beverly Maurer, B.S.
Community Volunteer
Omaha, Nebraska

Lawrence Mohr, M.D. (Sc.D. ’07)
Professor of Medicine and Director,
Environmental Biosciences Program
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina

Diane Nelson, B.S.
Community Volunteer
Omaha, Nebraska

Frederik Ohles, Ph.D.
President, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Rachel Pokora, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication
Nebraska Wesleyan University

Jeff Schumacher, J.D.
President and CEO
Capitol Casualty Company
Lincoln, Nebraska

Robert Scott, B.S.
Lincoln, Nebraska

L. G. Searcey, M.B.A.
Senior Vice President, Commercial Loans
Union Bank & Trust Company
Lincoln, Nebraska

Ria Shome (Class of 2019)
Student, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Sheryl Snyder, M.A.
Co-founder (retired)
Snyder Industries, Inc.
Lincoln, Nebraska

Mark Walz, B.S. (’88)
Chairman, President and CEO
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska

Bill White, M.S.
The Austin Company, Inc.
Milford, Nebraska

Meghan Winchell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Nebraska Wesleyan University

Governors Emeriti

Duane W. Acklie, J.D. (LL.D. ’88)
Crete Carrier Corporation
Lincoln, Nebraska

B. Keith Heuermann, B.S. (Sc.D. ’03)
Founder (retired)
BKH Popcorn
Phillips, Nebraska

Gordon “Mac” Hull, J.D. (’59)
President and CEO
Tasty-Toppings, Inc.
Columbus, Nebraska

Lindy Mullin, Ed.D. (’67)
Coordinator (retired)
Lincoln Public Schools
Lincoln, Nebraska

Larry L. Ruth, J.D. (’67, LL.D. ’15)
Of Counsel
Mueller Robak LLC
Lincoln, Nebraska

Hon. Warren K. Urbom, J.D. (’50, LL.D. ’84)
U.S. District Court Judge (retired)
U.S. District Court-District of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska

F. Thomas Waring, M.D. (’53)
Physician (retired)
Fremont, Nebraska