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MSPAN 4620 Introduction to Literary Translation

4 hours


A dual-level course on the method and practice of literary translation.  The course exposes students to literary translation as a form of literary criticism, helping them understand the cultural and critical assumptions that guide one's interpretation of a text. Whereas the theoretical readings are aimed at helping students grasp important aspects in translation studies, the literary texts present an array of interpretation problems regarding author, time period, genre, and cultural milieu. This course is aimed at students at the advanced level of Spanish. Translations primarily will be Spanish into English and class discussion will be conducted in both Spanish and English. Coursework includes weekly translation practice and discussion.
Prerequisite(s): MSPAN 3100 Spanish Composition and six credits from "Core Skills" courses (MSPAN 3010 Spanish Conversation, MSPAN 3020 Introduction to Spanish Phonetics, MSPAN 3030 Reading Spanish, MSPAN 3040 Spanish Grammar Review, MSPAN 3050 Spanish Language and Writing, or MSPAN 3060 Spanish Reading/Grammar Review); or permission of the department chair.