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2016-2017 Course Catalog

Philosophy and Religion (B.A.)

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with a major in Philosophy and Religion. If a student has a second major that requires a Bachelor of Science degree, the department may approve a B.S. degree.

Majors and minors have the option of blending courses between philosophy and religion. Graduating majors will complete a traditional thesis with opportunities for public presentation and publication, or a culminating project with real-world focus and opportunities for practicum.


Philosophy and Religion Major (B.A., 34 hours minimum) 

Core Requirements

3 courses;
9 hours minimum
Select one course in Philosophy, one course in Religion, and a third course from either.  

Philosophy Courses:


PHIL 1100/PHIL 1100FYW Introduction to Philosophy (4 hours)


PHIL 1200FYW The Power of Critical Thinking (4 hours)


PHIL 2020 Ethics (3 hours)


PHIL 2030 Logic (3 hours)


Religion Courses:

RELIG 1150 World Religions (3 hours)  
RELIG 1200 Introduction to the Old Testament (3 hours)  
RELIG 1210 Introduction to the New Testament (3 hours)  
RELIG 1250 Jews and Christians (3 hours)  
RELIG 1260 Christians and Muslims (3 hours)  
RELIG 2340 Religious Diversity in the United States (3 hours)  
Intermediate-Level Requirements 5 courses;
15 hours minimum
At least two courses must be 3000 or 4000 level.  
PHIL 2040 Ancient Philosophy (3 hours)  
PHIL 2050 Medieval Philosophy (3 hours)  
PHIL 2060 Modern Philosophy (3 hours)  
PHIL 2300 Philosophies of Race and Gender (3 hours)  
PHIL 2400 Social-Political Philosophy (3 hours)  
PHIL 3210 Philosophy of Religion (3 hours)  
PHIL 3240 Metaphysics and Epistemology (3 hours)  
PHIL 3250 Philosophy of Science (3 hours)  
PHIL 3260 Philosophy of Education (3 hours)  
PHIL 3270 Feminist Theories (3 hours)  
PHIL 3300 Radical Philosophies (3 hours)  
PHIL 3950 Independent Study (1-4 hours)  
PHIL 3960 Special Projects (1-15 hours)  
PHIL 4980 Senior Seminar (3 hours)  
RELIG 2250 Religion, Peace and Social Justice (3 hours)  
RELIG 2300 Women and Religion (3 hours)  
RELIG 2340 Religious Diversity in the United States (3 hours)  
RELIG 2970 Internship Practicum (1-8 hours)  
RELIG 3120 Life and Letters of Paul (3 hours)  
RELIG 3130 Life and Teachings of Jesus (3 hours)  
RELIG 3950 Independent Study (1-12 hours)  
RELIG 3960 Special Projects (1-15 hours)  
RELIG 4260 Christian Theology from the Enlightenment to the Mid-Twentieth Century (3 hours)  
RELIG 4270 Religious Studies from the Mid-Twentieth Century to the Present (3 hours)  
RELIG 4980 Senior Seminar (0-4 hours)  
Electives 2 courses;
6 hours minimum
See department chair for a list of Electives  
Senior Capstone 2 courses;
4 hours minimum
Senior Proposal  
PHIL 3990 Senior Proposal or
RELIG 3990 Senior Proposal (1-3 hours)
Senior Project  
PHIL 4990 Senior Project or
RELIG 4990 Senior Project (3 hours)