Social Work (B.S.) (adult evening program)

Social Work (B.S.) (adult evening program)

Provisional Admission to the social work program may be made by contacting the program director. Provisional admission requires:

Declaration of a social work major and provisional admission to the program does not guarantee acceptance into Full Admission status. Only those accepted for Full Admission status may continue on in the program.

Full Admission status requires: 

  • a grade of “C+” or better in entry-level social work courses, 
  • completion of a Full Admission application, and
  • interview before the Social Work Executive Council. Full Admission interviews are conducted in November and April of each year.
Social Work (B.S., 58-61 hours)
Required SocWk Courses 30 hours
SOCWK 1150 Introduction to Social Work* 3 hours
SOCWK 2200 Social Welfare Policy, Services, and Delivery Systems* 3 hours
SOCWK 2270 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I* 3 hours
SOCWK 2280 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II* 3 hours
SOCWK 3080 Micro Practice** 3 hours
SOCWK 3090 Group Practice** 3 hours
SOCWK 3100 Macro Practice** 3 hours
SOCWK 4650 Research Informed Practice** 3 hours
Social Work Electives* 6 hours
Required Supporting Courses 19-22 hours
SOC 1111 Introduction to Sociology 3 hours
BIO 1010 Perspectives in Biological Science 4 hours

Statistics - select one of the following:

3 hours
POLSC 1000/POLSC 1000FYW United States Government and Politics 3-4 hours
PSYCH 1010/PSYCH 1010FYW Introduction to Psychological Science 3-4 hours

Cultural Awareness - select one of the following:

3-4 hours
Senior Comprehensive 9 hours
SOCWK 4970 Field Practicum

9 hours

 *Grade of C+ or better required.
**Grade of B- or better required.

A Pre-Field Placement Consultation (which takes place with the Program and Field Directors) is required before students may enroll in SOCWK 4970 Field Practicum. Prerequisites for the Pre-Field Placement Consultation are:

The social work program at Nebraska Wesleyan University complies with the standards of and is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (C.S.W.E.).

Council on Social Work Education
1725 Duke Street, Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22314-3457