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2023-2024 Course Catalog

Musical Theatre (B.F.A.)

This BFA program develops skills as an actor, singer, and dancer in preparation for a professional career in the musical theatre industry. Through work in the classroom, private voice instruction, and the dance studio, students learn and practice skills that are then applied practically to rehearsal and performance experiences. Students draw experience from a season that includes full-produced musicals, cabarets, and other faculty and student directed productions.


Theatre Arts Core 12 hours
Musical Theatre major (B.F.A., 74 hours)
THTRE 1020FYW/THTRE 1030 Script Analysis 3 hours
THTRE 1300 Acting I 3 hours
THTRE 2500 Directing I 3 hours
THTRE 2700 Introduction to Theatrical Design 3 hours
Musical Theatre BFA Courses 36 hours
THTRE 1060 Introduction to Musical Theatre 2 hours
THTRE 1310 Acting II 3 hours
THTRE 1650 Musical Theatre I 3 hours
THTRE 2080 Musical Theatre Literature 3 hours
THTRE 2300 Acting III 3 hours
THTRE 2340 Voice for the Stage 3 hours
THTRE 2420 Movement I 3 hours
THTRE 2650 Musical Theatre II 3 hours
THTRE 2670 Musical Theatre Theory and Musicianship I 4 hours
THTRE 3650 Musical Theatre III 3 hours
THTRE 3670 Musical Theatre Theory and Musicianship II 3 hours
THTRE 3680 Musical Theatre History 3 hours
Technical Theatre 3 hours
Dance 8 hours

8 semesters (at least 1 hour each semester). Courses may be repeated.

Note: Students who transfer to NWU may have a reduced dance requirement.

Voice Lessons and Studio 8 hours

8 semesters (at least 1 hour each semester at appropriate level). Courses to be determined by Theatre faculty. Weekly half-hour lesson for freshman, weekly 1 hour lesson plus studio for sophomores, weekly half-hour lesson plus studio for juniors and seniors.

Note: Students who transfer to NWU may have a reduced voice lesson requirement.

Practicum 4 hours

At least one credit of Practicum must be completed each year.

Practicums should be selected from THTRE-1700-1800.

Note: Students who transfer to NWU may have a reduced practicum requirement.

Capstone 3 hours
THTRE 4970 Internship or
THTRE 4990 Senior Capstone