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2019-2020 Course Catalog

MUSIC 2640 Musicianship IV

1 hour


This course focuses on advanced concepts of analytical listening. Relying on established practices, the student will learn how to make sense of intricate and advanced musical concepts by creating a connection between aural processes and the student’s developed understanding of musical events. Topics in this class include demonstrating increasing fluency with 20th century tonalities such as modal, pentatonic, and octatonic scales, identifying tri-chord pitch-class sets, navigating exercises that modulate to distantly related keys through chromatic relationships, and auralizing advanced perceptual awareness of non-diatonic and post-tonal musical structures. Student’s will focus their efforts on two subdivisions that highlight important areas of skill development – aural acuity in recognizing advanced structures in order to identify their function in increasingly chromatic and post tonal music, and the ability to demonstrate this both through oral expression in performance and written notation of cognitively recalled exercises.
Prerequisite(s): MUSIC 2610 Music Theory III and MUSIC 2620 Musicianship III or permission of the instructor.
Corequisite(s): MUSIC 2630 Music Theory IV.