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Democracy is both one thing—a form of government based on the principle of popular sovereignty—and many things: a wide array of structures and institutions, a development in human history, an animating spirit in culture and the fine arts, a philosophical ideal, a source of conflict. This thread seeks to acknowledge that multiplicity by including the perspectives on democracy of several different disciplines, ranging over both its abstract principles and its immediate, lived realities, over both its grounds of possibility and its varied realizations. At the same time, the thread seeks to honor democracy as a unified phenomenon, an ongoing, still-emerging answer to the question of how societies and communities can best sustain themselves. The thread aspires to assist in the production of what every democracy indispensably needs: informed, engaged participants.

This thread can be 9 or 18 hours.

Students must take at least one course from the 2000 level or above.

Courses in a 9-hour thread must be from a minimum of two departments. Courses in an 18-hour thread must be from a minimum of four departments. 

Required Thread Courses  

Select one of these required courses:

3-4 hours
Select Additional Courses to meet Thread Requirements  
COMM 2600 Mass Media 4 hours
CRIM 1010 Introduction To Criminal Justice 4 hours
EDUC 2850 Education in a Pluralistic Society 3 hours
ENG 2070 Introduction to U.S. Literature 4 hours
ENG 2230 Topics in World Literature: Democracy 4 hours
ENG 2630 Journalism And Free Speech 4 hours
HIST 1020/HIST 1020FYW United States Society and Culture Since 1877 4 hours
HIST 2420 Liberalism & Conservatism In Amer Hist 4 hours
IDS 3150 What If, Why Not? 2 hours
IDS 3210 Experiential Learning - Democracy Thread 1-2 hours
MATH 1010 Mathematics and Democracy 3 hours
MUSIC 3550 Secondary Vocal Music Methods 3 hours
PHIL 2040 The Origin of Western Democratic Thinking: Ancient Greece 3 hours
PHIL 2400 Social-Political Philosophy 4 hours
POLSC 1010/POLSC 1010FYW United States Government and Politics 4 hours
POLSC 2030 Elections 4 hours
POLSC 2200 Race and Politics 4 hours
POLSC 2400 Congress 4 hours
POLSC 3300 Public Opinion 4 hours
RELIG 2340 Religious Diversity in the United States 3 hours
THTRE 2010 Dramatic Literature: Pulitzer Prize 2 hours
THTRE 2020 Dramatic Literature: Tony Awards 3 hours
THTRE 2030 Dramatic Literature: American Comedy 2 hours
THTRE 2060 Dramatic Literature: Banned and Censored 3 hours
THTRE 2230 U.S. Cinema/U.S. Culture 3 hours
THTRE 3800 World Theatre History I 3 hours
THTRE 3810 World Theatre History II 3 hours
THTRE 3830 U.S. Theatre and Cultural Pluralism 3 hours

Note: Effective fall 2018 HIST 1010/HIST 1010FYW counts toward the Innovation thread. Students who took the course previously may count the course toward the Democracy thread.