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2022-2023 Course Catalog

Music (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts in music is comprised of a basic core of courses that provides a solid foundation in music. Through advisement, students can develop areas of additional interest such as applied music, music theory/composition, and music history. Minors may also be constructed in other disciplines.


Performance Course Work 8-16 hours

Music Major (B.A., 47-55 hours)
Major Instrument
(1 credit per semester)
8 hours
Large Ensemble
(8 semesters appropriate to the major instrument/voice)
0-8 hours
MUSIC 1000 Recitals
(taken every semester in residence)
0 hours
MUSIC 4940 Senior Recital 0-1 hour
Supporting Music Course Work 35 hours
Music Theory:  
MUSIC 1630 Music Theory II 3 hours
MUSIC 1640 Musicianship II 1 hour
MUSIC 2610 Music Theory III 3 hours
MUSIC 2620 Musicianship III 1 hour
MUSIC 2630 Music Theory IV 3 hours
MUSIC 2640 Musicianship IV 1 hour
Music History and Literature:  
MUSIC 2810 World Music Cultures 3 hours
MUSIC 3830 Music History I: Gender and Sexualities 4 hours

MUSIC 3860 Music Hist II: Antiracist Liberation

4 hours
Music Education:  
MUSIC 2500 Conducting I 2 hours
MUSIC 2700 Computers and Technology for the Musician and the Music Educator 2 hours
Electives 8 hours
Piano Proficiency 2 hours
MUSIC 1510 Piano Proficiency I and MUSIC 1510L Piano Proficiency 1 Lab 1 hour
MUSIC 1520 Piano Proficiency II and MUSIC 1520L Piano Proficiency II Lab 1 hour
Capstone 2 hours

MUSIC 4980 Senior Capstone Seminar

2 hours