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HHP 2000 Mindfulness and Stress

2 hours

The multi-disciplinary science of mindfulness meditation reveals how stress can be perceived in the mind and body, and the physiological, cognitive, and emotional effects of acute and chronic stress. Through reviewing scholarship about meditation and listening to interviews from experts in the natural and social sciences, engagement in daily personal meditation practice, exploration of a variety of contemplative practices, and daily journaling, students in this course will learn how stress manifests itself in their lives, how they often react to stressors, and what positive, negative, and neutral consequences there are to these reactions. The benefits to a regular mindfulness meditation practice will also be discussed each class period. A required 45 minute pre-class meeting with the instructor must take place at least one month before the class begins. After you enroll in this course, please email the instructor to schedule the appointment. Failure to have this appointment will result in your class registration being dropped. Pass/Fail only.