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Identity: The Reflected Self

In the "Identity: The Reflected Self" thread, students will explore how a variety of academic disciplines analyze and understand human identity in order to answer the age-old questions, "Who Am I? Who are you? Who are they? Who are we?" Students will investigate not only the construction of personal identity, but also how personal identities are constituted within social, political, cultural, and religious contexts. Students completing the thread will cultivate a better understanding of their own identities and the identities of others.

This thread can be 9 or 18 hours.
Students must take courses from at least two course levels: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000.
Courses in a 9-hour thread must be from a minimum of two disciplines. Courses in an 18-hour thread must be from a minimum of four disciplines, with no more than nine credits from any one discipline. 

Select Courses to Meet Thread Requirements  
ANTHR 1150/ANTHR 1151 Cultural Anthropology 3 hours
BUSAD 4300 International Marketing 3 hours
COMM 1600 Diversity Issues in U.S. Society 3 hours
COMM 1650 Communication and Global Diversity 3 hours
COMM 2600/COMM 2601 Mass Media 3 hours
ENG 1030FYW Writing and the Creative Arts 3 or 4 hours
ENG 3800/ENG 3801 African-American Literature 3 hours
HHP 2030 Human Sexuality 3 hours
HIST 2540/HIST 2541 African-American History 3 hours
LEAD 3200 Interpersonal Communication for Leadership 3 hours
NURS 3040 Global Health 3 hours
PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hours
POLSC 1100/POLSC 1101 Introduction to International Politics 3 hours
PRO 4220 Professional Development Seminar 2 hours
PSYCH 1010/PSYCH 1010FYW Introduction to Psychological Science 4 hours
RELIG 1150 World Religions 3 hours
RELIG 1250 Jews and Christians 3 hours
RELIG 1260 Christians and Muslims 3 hours
SOC 1110 Introduction to Sociology 4 hours
SOC 1330 Race Relations and Minority Groups 4 hours
SOC 1350 Sociology of the Family 4 hours
SOCWK 2270 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I 3 hours
SPAN 1050 Spanish: Spanish for Communication 3 hours
Required Culminating "Knot" Experience  
Required Course: IDS 4800RS Discursive Reflections 2 hours
Optional Course: COMM 1800RS Speaking Reflectively 1 hour