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Theatre Arts Education (B.A.)

This degree program is geared for the person who wishes to teach theatre arts in a secondary school where the focus of teaching responsibilities is primarily theatre classes. Different than a language arts education degree, this program can lead to a supplemental endorsement in secondary theatre education when combined with a primary area endorsement.

In addition to pursuing a well-rounded theatre curriculum, we encourage theatre education students to work closely with faculty as members in all areas of production to gain foundational knowledge and skills in those areas they'll teach and supervise as theatre educators: acting, directing, costuming, scenography, playwriting, theatre history and management.


Required Courses 45 hours
Theatre Arts Education Major (B.A., 84 hours)
THTRE 1020FYW/THTRE 1030 Script Analysis 3 hours
THTRE 1300 Acting I 3 hours
THTRE 1310 Acting II 3 hours
THTRE 1400 Stagecraft 3 hours
THTRE 1410 Costume Construction 3 hours
THTRE 1420 Makeup Design 2 hours
THTRE 1810FYW/THTRE 2810 Playwriting I 3 hours
THTRE 2340 Voice for the Stage 3 hours
THTRE 2500 Directing I 3 hours
THTRE 2700 Introduction to Theatrical Design 3 hours
THTRE 3500 Directing II 3 hours
THTRE 3800 World Theatre History I 3 hours
THTRE 3810 World Theatre History II 3 hours
Select 6 hours of Dramatic Literature: 6 hours
Professional Education Courses 25 hours
EDUC 1010 Introduction to Education in the United States 2 hours
EDUC 1750 Field Experience 1 hour
EDUC 2050 Human Development and Learning I and
EDUC 2050L Human Development and Learning I Laboratory
2 hours
EDUC 2060 Human Development and Learning II 2 hours
EDUC 2850 Education in a Pluralistic Society 3 hours
EDUC 2870 Instructional Technology 3 hours
EDUC 3130 Educational Assessments: Secondary 3 hours
EDUC 3350 General Secondary Methods 2 hours
EDUC 3360 General Secondary Methods Lab 1 hour
SPED 3070 Methods for Teaching Secondary Students with Disabilities 3 hours
THTRE 3240 or
EDUC 3240 Methods for Teaching Communication and Theatre Arts in 7-12
3 hours
Capstone 14 hours
EDUC 4870 Supervised Teaching in the Secondary School