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INTST 2510 Rwanda: Genocide And Beyond

1-6 hours


Though Rwanda is known mainly for the 1994 genocide, this trip gives you the chance to witness a post-conflict country in the process of reconstruction. The international community recognizes Rwanda for having the world's largest number of women in parliament as well as strong governance, low rates of corruption, and low crime rate. Gerise Herndon, Professor of Gender Studies and Global Studies who lived in Rwanda during her sabbatical, will accompany students from University of Missouri-Columbia under the leadership of Rwandan professor of French and Gender Studies, Dr. Rangira Bea Gallimore. We will visit genocide memorials, reconciliation communities, and women's cooperatives. Presentations and testimonials will provide the historical context leading up to the genocide, including the media's role, the responsibility of the international community (UN, France, U.S., etc.), and the Catholic Church's role. Post-conflict issues include memory, genocide denial, and justice systems (regular, Gacaca, and international). Although mostly remaining in the capital, Kigali, we will take brief trips to rural areas. Participants will have a unique opportunity to visit local villages and organizations to observe efforts at recovery and social transformation, including forgiveness and reconciliation. The internship portion will depend on students' major or academic interest. Examples: pre-med students may shadow doctors; psychology students may shadow counselors; future teachers may help teach English as a Foreign Language.