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MGRMN 4620 German Media

4 hours


German Media is a dual-level (ACTFL High Intermediate/Advanced Low) German skills development course which uses as its context contemporary themes that appear in the various media outlets in German-speaking countries. Students will develop their skills, vocabulary and confidence to comprehend, summarize, discuss, analyze, and report on native German newspaper and magazine articles, radio and TV broadcasts. Common themes include "Europe" and the European Union, Germany's global engagement, the economic, political, and social circumstances and culture/Culture in these countries, but other themes arise in the course of any given semester. In addition to news items chosen by the instructor, students will read and select items of interest to present and discuss with classmates. This course also provides students with the opportunity to compare/contrast German language treatment of local and international themes with that found in U.S. media outlets and to present their own formal media reports. The language of instruction is German, with differentiated assignment lengths and expectations by level. MGRMN 4620 meets with MGRMN 3620, with differentiated assignment lengths and expectations by level.
Prerequisite(s): MGRMN 2020 German Stage 4: Global Connections or permission of the instructor.