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Innovation signifies bold, creative solutions to complex challenges through collaboration across multiple disciplines, bringing together transformational approaches for purposeful application. This thread calls on students to identify, investigate, and solve problems through intentional integration of diverse methods. Students will utilize approaches from the arts, business, science, and the world of ideas to explore, question, disrupt, and enhance society through energized collaboration.

Students will:

  • explore historical, cultural, scientific, creative, and socioeconomic contexts that foster and lead to bold thinking and innovative action;
  • learn fundamental processes, principles, and theories that drive change;
  • develop and experience networking and collaboration opportunities;
  • transform innovative ideas with a positive social impact into proposals for self-sustaining social enterprise;
  • demonstrate behaviors and skills essential for innovation developing their creative capacities by designing, implementing, and assessing projects.

This thread is 9 hours.

Students must take at least one course from the 2000 level or above.

Courses must be from a minimum of two disciplines.

Select Courses to Meet Thread Requirements  
BUSAD 3100 Managing Information Systems 3 hours
BUSAD 4700 Entrepreneurship 3 hours
CHEM 3520 Physical Chemistry II, Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy 3 hours
HIST 1010/HIST 1010FYW Topics in United States History to 1877* 3 or 4 hours
HIST 3840/HIST 4840 Meiji - The Making of Modern Japan 4 hours
IDS 2030 Innovative Approaches to Wicked Problems 2 hours
PHYS 2400 Introduction to Modern Physics 4 hours
THTRE 1020FYW/THTRE 1030 Script Analysis 3 hours
THTRE 1060 Introduction to Musical Theatre 3 hours
THTRE 1410 Costume Construction 3 hours
THTRE 1420 Makeup Design 2 hours
THTRE 2070 Dramatic Literature: Avant-Garde Innovation 2 hours
THTRE 2080 Musical Theatre Literature 3 hours
THTRE 2730 Costume Design 3 hours
THTRE 3160 Theatre Management 3 hours

*Effective fall 2018 HIST 1010/HIST 1010FYW counts toward the Innovation thread. Students who took the course previously may count the course toward the Democracy thread.