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Identity is many things—some as private and personal as a memory, some as anonymous as a Social Security number. Identity might mean belonging to a nation, to a religion, or to a generation, yet it could also be as specific as a certain sweater, a certain song. In the “Identity: Who Are You?” thread, students will explore how a variety of academic disciplines analyze and understand human identity. Students will investigate not only the construction of personal identity, but also how personal identities are constituted within social, political, cultural, and religious contexts. Students completing the thread will have resources for better understanding their own identities and the identities of others.

This thread can be 9 or 18 hours.

Students must take at least one course from the 2000 level or above.

Courses in a 9-hour thread must be from a minimum of two disciplines. Courses in an 18-hour thread must be from a minimum of four disciplines, with no more than nine credits from any one discipline.

Required Thread Course  
IDS 1200/IDS 1200FYW/IDS 1210 Identity: An Introductory Exploration 4 hours
Select Courses to Meet Thread Requirements  
ARH 3700 Disability In The Arts 4 hours
ARH 3800 Critiques, Challenges & Transformations 4 hours
COMM 1250 Introduction to Communication Studies 4 hours
CRMJS 2140 Juvenile Justice 4 hours
ENG 1040FYW Writing and Identity 2 hours
ENG 2220 Topics in World Literature: Nationalism and Identity 4 hours
ENG 3080 Studies In Writing: Biography & Memoir 4 hours
ENG 3170 Advanced Fiction Writing: Finding Your Voice* 4 hours
ENG 3320 Irish Literature and Irish Nationalism 2 hours
ENG 3800 African-American Literature 4 hours
INTST 2100 Mexican Culture 3 hours
INTST 2150 Culture Of Spain 3 hours
HIST 2170 Body, Mind, Spirit: The Understanding of the Self in Western Culture 4 hours
HIST 2810 Introduction to East Asian History 4 hours
HIST 3350/HIST 4350 Nazi Germany 4 hours
IDS 3250 Experiential Learning - Identity Thread 1-2 hours
MLANG 2500ID Fac Led Trip: Identity Thread 0-4 hours
MSPAN 3200/MSPAN 4200 The Culture of Spain 4 hours
MUSIC 2550 Praise And Worship Workshop 3 hours
MUSIC 2810 World Music Cultures 3 hours
PHIL 3240 Metaphysics and Epistemology 3 hours
POLSC 2210 Immigration 4 hours
PSYCH 2350 Lifespan Development 4 hours
PSYCH 3400 Social Psychology 4 hours
PSYCH 3700 Cognitive Psychology 4 hours
RELIG 1250 Jews and Christians 3 hours
RELIG 1260 Christians and Muslims 3 hours
RELIG 2350 Judaism, Christianity and Islam 3 hours
RELIG 3200 Constructing Religious Identity 3 Hours
SOC 3520 Group Dynamics 4 hours
SOCWK 1200 Life Lessons 3 hours
THTRE 2220 Filmmaking and Identity 3 hours

*ENG 3170 Advanced Fiction Writing: Finding Your Voice counts for Identity thread beginning fall 2020.