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Secondary Education Endorsement




Secondary Education endorsement Grades 7-12 (42-43 hours)
  Secondary education is not a major; it is used in conjunction with a major to become certified to teach. Always consult with advisor in Education Department, as state requirements may change.
  EDUC 1010 Introduction to Education in the United States 2 hours
  EDUC 1750 Field Experience 1 hour
  EDUC 2050 Human Development and Learning I 2 hours
  EDUC 2060 Human Development and Learning II 2 hours
  EDUC 2850 Education in a Pluralistic Society 3 hours
  EDUC 2870 Instructional Technology 3 hours
  *EDUC 3130 Educational Assessments: Secondary or
EDUC 3150 Educational Assessments: Directed Study
2-3 hours
  *EDUC 3350 General Secondary Methods 2 hours
  *EDUC 3360 General Secondary Methods Lab 1 hour
  *EDUC 3390 Methods for Teaching Reading and Writing in 7-12 3 hours
  *SPED 3070 Methods for Teaching Secondary Students with Disabilities 3 hours
  *Special Methods course (choose one of the following from major teaching field):

EDUC 3140 Methods for Teaching Modern Languages in 7-12
EDUC 3240 Methods for Teaching Communication and Theatre Arts in 7-12
EDUC 3280 Methods for Teaching Science in 7-12
EDUC 3290 Methods for Teaching Mathematics in 7-12
EDUC 3640 Methods for Teaching Social Sciences in 7-12
EDUC 3820 Methods for Teaching Business in 7-12
ART 2000 Art in the Secondary School
HHP 3600 Planning and Implementing 7-12 Physical Education Programs

3 hours

*Student Teaching: EDUC 4870 Supervised Teaching in the Secondary School
Students who will be endorsed in two areas should register for two 7-hour student teaching experiences.
EDUC 4890 Urban Student Teaching Semester

14 hours
  *EDUC 4990 Student Teaching Seminar 1 hour

*Prerequisite: Must be accepted as a candidate in the Teacher Education Program. 

Other Requirements:

  • All students are required to complete a general education program, either "Preparing for Global Citizenship" or "Archway Curriculum."  See the education department for all major endorsement and certification requirements.
  • Students must earn 12 hours in residence at NWU in addition to Student Teaching.

Note: The above requirements are for students working toward a B.S. or B.A. degree. B.M. students follow a different requirement listing of Education courses. See Music requirements.