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2019-2020 Course Catalog

Art (B.A.)

The B.A. in art requires an exposure to two-dimensional and three-dimensional media and art history. It can lead to graduate study in art, art history, art therapy or other academic or professional areas.

The B.A. is recommended for those students who wish to pursue K-12 teaching certification. Students who wish to meet Nebraska certification regulations for the teaching of art in secondary schools must include ART 2000 Art in the Secondary School, as one of their art electives. Students should consult the Department of Education regarding the additional Nebraska certification education requirements.


Foundation Courses 9 hours
Art Major (B.A.**, 45 hours)
ART 1050 Basic Design 3 hours
ART 1300 Drawing 1 3 hours
ART 2300 Drawing 2: Figure Drawing 3 hours
Art History, Theory & Criticism 20 hours
ARH 1010 Survey of Western Art History: Ancient to Medieval 4 hours
ARH 1020 Survey Western Art History: Renaissance To 21st Century 4 hours
ARH 1030 Survey Non-Western Art History: Ancient to 21st Century 4 hours
Art History elective (must be 3000-level or 4000-level) 4 hours
ART 3000 Art Theory and Criticism 4 hours
Studio Courses 6 hours
2-D Course — Select 3 hours from the following: 3 hours
ART 1100 Painting 1  
ART 1200 Introduction to Graphic and Web Design  
ART 1400 Printmaking 1  
ART 1500 Photography 1: Digital  
ART 2550 Photography II: Darkroom  
3-D Course — Select 3 hours from the following: 3 hours
ART 1600 Ceramics 1  
ART 1700 Sculpture 1  
ART 1800 Metalsmithing 1  
Art Electives 6 hours
Capstone Courses 4 hours
ART 3980 Junior Project 2 hours
ART 4980 Senior Comprehensive

2 hours

**This Art major earns a B.A. degree. However, if a student has a first major that is associated with a B.S. degree, the Art major may serve as a second major for the B.S. degree.