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Business Administration (M.B.A.)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) prepares students to analyze problems and develop strategic solutions for their workplace. The MBA focuses on real-world application of business knowledge and skills. The MBA is a 36-hour program that consists of three parts: (1) general knowledge (2) required core and (3) electives selected to meet your goals. In addition, students will participate in the mentoring program designed to enhance networking opportunities.

Master of Business Administration (36 hours) 

General Knowledge* 15 hours
ACCT 5010 Accounting for Decision Making 3 hours
ECON 5030 Managerial Economics 3 hours
BUSAD 5000 Mentoring Experience
*Students must complete this course twice during their program
0 hour*
BUSAD 5010 The Language of Business 2 hours
BUSAD 5030 Self-Awareness, Adaptability, and Authenticity 1 hour
BUSAD 5040 Managerial Finance 3 hours
BUSAD 5110 Marketing Management 3 hours

*Students may waive specific general knowledge classes if it is determined they have sufficient academic background in the area. Waiver of general knowledge courses will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on transcript review and work experience. The first six credit hours (two courses) waived will count toward the 36-hour MBA requirement. Students must take a minimum of 30 graduate credits to earn an MBA. Additional general knowledge classes waived must be replaced by additional credit hours from other MBA courses.

If you have not successfully completed a statistics course in your previous college coursework, you will need to complete a statistics course in the first year of the program to fulfill that knowledge area. Please plan to discuss options with the MBA program director.

Required Core 6 hours
BUSAD 5260 Organizational Behavior 3 hours
BUSAD 5330 Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility 3 hours
Electives 12 hours
Select 12 hours of elective courses.  
Master's Capstone 3 hours
BUSAD 5500 Business Strategy
Taken in the final 12 hours of the program.