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2017-2018 Course Catalog

Modern Language Studies (B.A.)


Modern Language Studies (B.A.*, 47 hours)

The Modern Language Studies major is comprised of four elements: Language Concentration, Study Abroad/Modern Language Studies Core Courses, Senior Comprehensive, and Modern Language Studies Electives.

1. Language Concentrations - Select One 32 hours
MFREN 2010 French: Stage 3 (4 hours)  
MFREN 2020 French: Stage 4 (4 hours)  
Beyond MFREN 2020* (24 hours)

8 credit hours must be at the 4000 level, and 4 of these 4000-level credit hours must be taken after studying abroad.

MGRMN 2010 German: Stage 3 (4 hours)  
MGRMN 2020 German: Stage 4 (4 hours)  

Beyond MGRMN 2020* (24 hours)
8 credit hours must be at the 4000 level, and 4 of these 4000-level credit hours must be taken after studying abroad.

MSPAN 2010 Spanish: Stage 3 (4 hours)  
MSPAN 2020 Spanish: Stage 4 (4 hours)  
Core Skill Courses in Spanish - select from the following: (4 hours)  
MSPAN 3100 Spanish Composition (4 hours)  

Beyond MSPAN 3100* (16 hours)
4 credit hours must be at the 4000 level, and must be taken after studying abroad.

MJPAN 2010 Japanese: Stage 3 (5 hours)  
MJPAN 2020 Japanese: Stage 4 (5 hours)  
Beyond MJPAN 2020 (24 hours)
20 credit hours must be earned over two semesters of study abroad in Japan. Four of these credit hours must be at the 4000 level and must be taken after studying abroad.
Other Language  
Select courses in another language, as approved by the Department Chair.  

*For all language concentrations, a minimum of 12 of the credit hours must be earned in one semester abroad in the Language of Concentration of an approved host country and program. At least 4 credit hours at the 4000 level must be completed at NWU following the semester abroad.

2. Modern Language Studies Core Courses

2 hours

Students majoring in Modern Language Studies are required to incorporate a study abroad experience of a minimum of one semester (12 credit hours) in the language of their Concentration. For information on the many available exchange programs and financial aid and scholarship options, students should talk with the Director of Global Engagement and visit the library of study abroad resources.  

In conjunction with the semester abroad, students must also complete either GLST 2010 Preparing for Education Abroad before studying abroad or GLST 3010 Processing the International Experience following study abroad.

1 hour
MLANG 3910 Engaging in Study Abroad is taken during the semester abroad.
*0 hours may be approved by department chair for students studying abroad through non-ISEP exchange program.
1 hour*
3. Capstone 2 hours
MLANG 4980 Senior Capstone  
4. Modern Language Studies Electives 11 hours
  • Credits may be earned as additional hours of language study for Language Concentration, or in a second or third language.
  • Credit may be earned in courses taught outside the Modern Language Department that support the study of languages and/or cultures - refer to list of approved courses. Other courses must be pre-approved by the Department Chair.
Additional Considerations
  • Majors preparing to teach a modern language should consult the Education Department.
  • In the exceptional circumstance of a student who has already declared a first major in another department with the intent of earning a B.S. degree, a student may submit a petition to the Department of Modern Languages seeking permission to declare a second major in Modern Language Studies for a B.S. degree.

**A Modern Language Studies major customarily earns a B.A. degree. However, if a student has a first major that is associated with a different baccalaureate degree, the Modern Language Studies major may serve as a second major for the degree associated with the first major (B.S., B.FA., B.M., B.S.N.).