MSPAN 3020 Introduction to Spanish Phonetics

MSPAN 3020 Introduction to Spanish Phonetics (2 hours)

Majors, Minors & Degrees:

This "Core Skills" course provides an introduction to the study and practice of the sounds of Spanish with an emphasis on practical exercises for improving students' pronunciation of Spanish.  In it students will study the major phonetic characteristics of regional varieties of the Spanish of Spain and Latin America. Topics to be covered in the course include the articulatory system, transcription and phonetic alphabets, and the similarities and differences between the sounds and pronunciation patterns of Spanish and English.
Prerequisite: MSPAN 2020 Spanish: Stage 4 or appropriate placement.
Note: Students are encouraged to take two "Core Skills" courses (4 credit hours) concurrently.      

Archway Curriculum: Foundational Literacies: Modern Language Literacy