MFREN 4400 Survey of French Literature

MFREN 4400 Survey of French Literature (4 hours)

This dual-level French skills enhancement course introduces students to the thematic and formal developments in French literature from the Middle Ages to the present.  Students will read representative texts from all major periods in order to deepen their understanding of key works, authors, and genres.  Emphasis will be placed on sharpening students' literary analysis skills through close readings and a formal study of narrative techniques and stylistic elements. MFREN 4400 meets with MFREN 3400, with differentiated assignment lengths and expectations by level.
Prerequisite(s): MFREN 2020 French: Stage 4 or permission of the department chair.     

Archway Curriculum: Foundational Literacies: Modern Language Literacy
Archway Curriculum: Essential Connections: Writing Instructive