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2023-2024 Course Catalog

Art (B.A.)

The B.A. in art requires an exposure to two-dimensional and three-dimensional media and art history. It can lead to graduate study in art, art history, art therapy or other academic or professional areas.

Students who wish to pursue the PK-12 teaching certificate will also include two methods courses in addition to the requirements for the B.A. in Art: ART 1000 Art in the PK-Elementary School and ART 2000 Art in the Secondary School, for a total of 58 hours in Art. Students will also take additional courses in the department of Education (Secondary Education Endorsement) to meet Nebraska certification education requirements.


Foundation Courses 8 hours
Art Major (B.A.**, 52 hours)
ART 1050 Art Research 4 hours
ART 1300 Introduction to Drawing 4 hours
Art History 16 hours
ARH 1030FYW Survey of Non-Western Art History 4 hours
ARH 1040FYW Survey of Western Art History 4 hours
Two Art History elective courses (must be 3000-level or 4000-level) 8 hours
Studio Courses 24 hours
Drawing/Painting/Printmaking — Select 1 course from the following: 4 hours
ART 1100 Introduction to Painting  
ART 1400 Introduction to Printmaking  
ART 2300 Intermediate Drawing  
Ceramics/Metalsmithing/Sculpture — Select 1 course from the following: 4 hours
ART 1070 Introduction to Creative Technology  
ART 1600 Introduction to Ceramics  
ART 1700 Introduction to Sculpture  
ART 1800 Introduction to Metalsmithing  
Digital Media/Photography/Time-based Media — Select 1 course from the following: 4 hours
ART 1200 Introduction to Digital Media  
ART 1500 Introduction to Photography  
Electives 12 hours

Select 3 studio courses.

At least one course must be at the 3000 level.

Portfolio Reviews 0 hours
ART 2880 Sophomore Portfolio Review 0 hours
ART 3880 Junior Portfolio Review

0 hours

ART 4880 Senior Portfolio Review 0 hours
Capstone Courses 4 hours
ART 3980 Junior Project 2 hours
ART 4980 Senior Comprehensive

2 hours

**This Art major earns a B.A. degree. However, if a student has a first major that is associated with a B.S. degree, the Art major may serve as a second major for the B.S. degree.