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2023-2024 Course Catalog

MGRMN 3610 German Film and Society

4 hours


Dual-level German skills enhancement course that uses as its context the study of post-unification German society and culture in all its diversity as reflected through films produced since 1990. Topics include: coming to terms with history, fascism, the Holocaust, generational issues, identity, immigrant experiences, politics and power, reunification, social and cultural traditions and terrorism. Required course readings, lectures and discussion related to each film provide a context and the necessary vocabulary to incorporate into discussions and compositions. Throughout the semester, students will work semi-independently and with instructor guidance as needed to reinforce key grammatical concepts and style to add depth and variety to their writing. MGRMN 4610 meets with MGRMN 3610, with differentiated assignment lengths and expectations by level.
Prerequisite(s): 8 credits from MGRMN 2000-level or above or appropriate placement.