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ARH 3800 History of Contemporary Art

4 hours


This seminar investigates the diversity of global visual art practices through thematic topics such as activism, nature, identity, gender, memory, spirituality, colonialism, consumerism, beauty, participation, globalization, and science. Students will examine how practices, beliefs, systems and narratives have come under critique and are challenged by visual artists as well as how alternatives to these practices, beliefs, systems and narratives proposed by visual artists can lead to transformation. Emphasis is placed on contemporary art practices, but students are encouraged to consider artwork within larger historical and cultural contexts. Course discussions introduce students to aesthetic and theoretical developments, examine significant critical debates within the art world and explore various historical, stylistics and methodological questions raised within the visual arts and art history.

Prerequisite: ARH 1040FYW Survey Western Art History: Ancient to 21st Century or permission of the instructor.