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2021-2022 Course Catalog

Religious Diversity


Core Courses 6 hours
Religious Diversity Minor (17-23 hours)

RELIG 1250 Jews and Christians or

RELIG 1260 Christians and Muslims or

RELIG 2350 Judaism, Christianity and Islam

3 hours

RELIG 1150 World Religions

3 hours

RELIG 2340 Religious Diversity in the United States

3 hours
Intermediate Courses 5-9 hours

RELIG 2300 Women and Religion

3 hours

RELIG 2250 Religion, Peace and Social Justice

3 hours

RELIG 2800 Apocalyptic Imagination in America

3 hours

RELIG 2970 Internship Practicum

1-8 hours

RELIG 3200 Constructing Religious Identity

3 Hours

RELIG 3960 Special Projects

1-3 hours
Elective Courses 6-8 hours

Two courses beyond required Core or Intermediate courses may be taken to fulfill elective requirements


ARH 1030FYW Survey Non-Western Art History: Ancient to 21st Century

4 hours

COMM 1510 Intercultural Communication

4 hours

COMM 3800 Communication through Dialogue

4 hours

ENG 2260 Topics in World Literature: Religious Experience

4 hours

ENG 3410 Women Writing Across Cultures

4 hours

ENG 3500 Postcolonial and Global Literature

4 hours

POLSC 2110 Making Social Change: Political Activism and Grassroots Organizing

2 or 4 hours

ANTHR 2540 Native American Cultures

4 hours

SOC 1330 Race Relations and Minority Groups

4 hours
*Other possible electives considered by the Department Chair of Philosophy and Religion, on a case by case basis, in consultation with Religion faculty.