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2021-2022 Course Catalog

Special Education (B.A., B.S.)

Can only declare this as second major with Elementary Education. Cannot be declared as first major or as second major with anything other than Elementary Education.


Courses 43 hours
Special Education K-6 Major (51 hours)
Note: All Special Education majors must select Elementary Education as their primary major.   
SPED 1760 Field Experience 1 hour
SPED 2070 Understanding Human Differences 3 hours
SPED 2180 Learning Strategies I: Direct Instruction Methods 4 hours
SPED 2190 Learning Strategies II: Strategy Training 4 hours
SPED 2200 Learning Strategies III: Cooperative Learning 4 hours
SPED 2870 Instructional and Adaptive Technology 3 hours
SPED 3160 Assessment 2 hours
SPED 3460 Adapted Methods Practicum K-8 1 hour
SPED 3480 Curriculum Adaptations for Language Art Methods 1 hour
SPED 3570 Legal Issues in Special Education 2 hours
SPED 3700 Curriculum Adaptations for Math and Science Methods 1 hour
SPED 3710 Creating Support for Safe Schools 2 hours
HHP 3650 Adapted Physical Education 3 hours
COMM 1250 Introduction to Communication Studies 4 hours
EDUC 2050 Human Development and Learning I 2 hours
EDUC 2060 Human Development and Learning II 2 hours
EDUC 2850 Education in a Pluralistic Society 3 hours
EDUC 3460A Methods Practicum K-8 Literacy 1 hour
Capstone Courses 8 hours
SPED 4870 Special Education Practicum 7 hours
EDUC 4990 Student Teaching Seminar 1 hour