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Elementary Education (B.A.)

Elementary education students who desire a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete two years of college-level foreign language.

See the elementary education brochure for other program requirements.


Elementary Education Major (65 hours)
ART 1000 Art in the PK-Elementary School 3 hours
EDUC 1010 Introduction to Education in the United States 2 hours
EDUC 1680 Literature for Children and Youth 3 hours
EDUC 1750 Field Experience 1 hour
EDUC 2050 Human Development and Learning I 2 hours
EDUC 2060 Human Development and Learning II 2 hours
EDUC 2090 Theory of Reading 2 hours
EDUC 2850 Education in a Pluralistic Society 3 hours
EDUC 2870 Instructional Technology 3 hours
EDUC 3400 Teaching Mathematics in K-8 2 hours
EDUC 3420 Teaching Social Sciences in K-8 3 hours
EDUC 3440 Teaching Natural Sciences K-8 3 hours
EDUC 3450 Methods for Teaching Literacy in K-8 4 hours
EDUC 3460A Methods Practicum K-8 Literacy 1 hour
EDUC 3460B Methods Practicum K-8 Math 1 hour
EDUC 3860 Classroom Management and Discipline 1 hour
HHP 2780 Curriculum and Methodology for Elementary Health and Physical Education 3 hours
MATH 1200 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 3 hours
MUSIC 2520 Music Methods and Materials for Elementary Teachers 2 hours
SPED 2070 Understanding Human Differences 3 hours
SPED 3460 Adapted Methods Practicum K-8 1 hour
SPED 3480 Curriculum Adaptations for Language Art Methods 1 hour
SPED 3700 Curriculum Adaptations for Math and Science Methods 1 hour
Capstone Courses 15 hours
EDUC 4800 Supervised Teaching in the Elementary School or
EDUC 4890 Urban Student Teaching Semester
14 hours
EDUC 4990 Student Teaching Seminar 1 hour
Foreign Language Requirement  
For a B.A. degree in Elementary Education, a minimum of 2 years of college-level foreign language is required.  

Contact the Education department for additional certification requirements.