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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (B.S.)

The combination of chemistry-based curriculum with a significant biology research component prepares our students for postgraduate studies in biomedical sciences. While biochemistry focuses on the structure and function of compounds like DNA, enzymes and proteins, molecular biology focuses on how molecules convert information into chemical reactions. Hands-on experimentation is central to the curriculum, which allows students to engage in high-level work that most of their peers do not experience until graduate school.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major (B.S., 62 hours)
BIO 1400FYW Introduction to Biological Inquiry 4 hours
BIO 2200 Genetics and Cell Biology 4 hours
BIO 2300 Ecology and Evolution 4 hours
BIO 3800 Molecular Genetics 4 hours
CHEM 1110 Chemical Principles I and
CHEM 1110L Chemical Principles I Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 2100 Organic Chemistry I and
CHEM 2100L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 2110 Organic Chemistry II: Synthesis and Mechanisms and
CHEM 2110L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 1120 Chemical Principles II and
CHEM 1120L Chemical Principles II Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 3410 Biochemistry and
CHEM 3410L Biochemical Methods
4 hours
CHEM 3510 Physical Chemistry I, Thermodynamics and Kinetics and
CHEM 3510L Physical Chemistry Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 3440 Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis 4 hours
CHEM 4420 Advanced Biochemistry 3 hours
CHEM 4980 Chemistry Seminar 1 hour
PHYS 1600 Principles of Physics I or
PHYS 2000 General Physics I
4 hours
PHYS 1700 Principles of Physics II or
PHYS 2100 General Physics II
4 hours
MATH 1600 Calculus I 5 hours
CHEM 4950 Independent Study 1-2 hours


MATH 1610 Calculus II is strongly recommended.