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SOCWK 5330 Assessment and Treatment of Trauma

3 hours


In this advanced practice course students will learn to assess the type of traumatic event and intensity of exposure in order to effectively treat the symptoms of trauma. Students will be introduced to instruments utilized to evaluate the impact of traumatic events and the elements of trauma treatment which include establishing a sense of safety, manage emotions and develop coping strategies. Students will further be introduced to well established practice models to treat trauma as well as how to apply the most recent research on resilience as applied to a variety of clients and practice settings. Students will work in a simulation setting to engage, assess, and intervene with individuals and families and evaluate their own practice behavior. Students will apply ethical decision-making practices that demonstrate and understanding of trauma and well-being. Students will practice self-reflection to identify vicarious trauma and possible self-care strategies used to address it.

Prerequisite(s): SOCWK 5300 Nature of Trauma and Traumatic Experience, SOCWK 5310 Advanced Social Work Interventions.