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2020-2021 Course Catalog

International Studies (B.A., B.S.) (formerly Global Studies)


Core Requirements 14-15 hours
International Studies Major (B.A. or B.S., 37-40 hours plus language requirement)

A. Complete all of the following courses:

11 hours

B. Choose one course from the following options:

3-4 hours
Modern Language Requirement  

Students are expected to meet a modern language requirement. The language requirement may be completed in one of the following ways:

  1. Completion of a Modern Language minor.
  2. Completion of a Modern Language major.
  3. Completion of one year of language study (or its equivalent) in a language that is not taught at Nebraska Wesleyan University. The International Studies Director must approve the language study.
  4. Students whose second language is English may be exempted from the requirement by the International Studies Director.
Research Method Requirement 4-6 hours

Choose one of the following options:

Research methods courses from other disciplines may be substituted for this requirement with the approval of the International Studies Director.

Emphasis Area 15 hours

All majors must complete an emphasis area of courses in a specific world region or topical area. The International Studies Director will work with students to create an emphasis area that reflects their strengths. Examples of recent emphasis areas include Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Industrialized Nations, Foreign Policy, or Development Studies but students may create their own emphasis with the approval of the International Studies Director.

At least two of the courses in the emphasis area must be taken at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Capstone 4-5 hours
INTST 4940 Capstone 1 hour
INTST 4980 Preparing For Senior Project 0-1 hour

Choose one of the following:

INTST 4990 Senior Research Project* or

INTST 4970 International Internship

*If student completes INTST 4980 Preparing For Senior Project for 0 hours, then must take INTST 4990 Senior Research Project for 3 hours

2-3 hours
Study Abroad  
International Studies majors are required to study abroad for at least one semester in an approved program (12 or more credit hours). Courses taken abroad may count for the International Studies major. The student should consult in advance with the Director of Global Engagement and with the International Studies Director to ensure that course work will be transferable.

** Minimum 12 hours of 3000-4000 level work must be completed in major. Make sure to work with advisor to check that all upper-level hours are completed in plan.