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2020-2021 Course Catalog

MUSIC 3840 Music History II: The Environment

4 hours


This course provides a rigorous and detailed examination of foundational concepts and genres from the Classic through Contemporary periods of the music history survey. Students develop and apply music research skills in four broad areas: historical social/cultural context, current published scholarship, overarching musical style(s) of the time period, and stylistic analysis of specific works (scoring, dynamics, rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form). Alongside their study of music, history, and culture, students learn and apply information from environmental studies. This course includes instruction in writing and information literacy skills. For the semester-long project, students conduct three types of research: 1) personal experiences with/in the natural environment, 2) library research on music and the environment, 3) research and experiences creating sounds and silences. Students use this research to create a musical piece in any style and an accompanying written artist statement.
Prerequisite(s): Junior standing and permission of the instructor.