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Justice allows people to live together ethically in community and society. But what is justice? Where does it come from? How is it realized? How is it practiced? This thread invites students and faculty to examine how conceptions of justice are woven through various disciplines, focusing on themes such as community, philosophical, social, criminal, legal, and global justice.

This thread can be 9 or 18 hours.

Students must take at least one course from the 2000 level or above.

Courses in a 9-hour thread must be from a minimum of two disciplines. Courses in an 18-hour thread must be from a minimum of four disciplines, with no more than nine credits from any one discipline.

Required Thread Course  
IDS 1300 Justice: An Introductory Experience 2 hours
Select Additional Courses to Meet Thread Requirements  
ENG 2280 Topics in World Literature: Ethics and Justice 4 hours