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2018-2019 Course Catalog

EDUC 5240 Classroom Assessment and Instructional Decisions

3 hours


This course examines assessment principles related to classroom assessments. Large-scale, classroom, and norm-referenced assessments will be addressed. Discussion topics include assessment development, measurement goals, formative and summative processes, feedback and feedback use, and the relationship between assessment and “rigor.” Students (teachers) will learn how classroom assessment practices relate to the goals they have for their students, and how assessments relate to and influence other important learning factors (such as motivation, grading, goal-setting, curriculum development, lesson planning, and communication with parents). For their final project, students will design a classroom assessment and grading system they plan on implementing in a future classroom.
Prerequisite(s): EDUC 5130 Becoming a Reflective Practitioner and EDUC 5140 Instructional Practice and Curriculum Design or approval of the M.Ed. program director.