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THTRE 3810 World Theatre History II

3 hours


An integral factor in the study of the history of theatre is the impact that governments, democratic or otherwise, have on the development and sustenance of the arts. World Theatre History II is a Writing-Instructive and Diversity-Global Instructive course that covers the span from late 17th C through present day, so will investigate the Age of Reason and the movement toward representative democracy as well as contemporary developments. One focus will be on the theatre histories of selected Latin American and African countries. Key questions will include: In what ways are artistic freedoms and practices linked to structures of governance?  How has theatre over time been a force for political change? Why does theatre flourish in some democracies (and in some authoritarian governments) and not in others? How are principles/ideals of democracy represented in dramatic literatures and theatrical endeavors at specific historical moments?
Prerequisite(s): POLSC 1000/POLSC 1000FYW United States Government and Politics or THTRE 1010 Theatre Appreciation or THTRE-1020.
(Normally offered on odd fall semesters.)