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2017-2018 Course Catalog

Business-Sociology (B.S.)

The business-sociology degree combines courses in business, accounting and economics with courses in sociology and anthropology.

Required Courses 39-42 hours
Business-Sociology Major (B.S., 52-57 hours)
SOC 1110 Introduction to Sociology 4 hours
SOC 1330/SOC 2330 Race Relations and Minority Groups or
SOC 2360/SOC 3360 Gender and Society
4 hours
SOC 3370 Social Inequality 4 hours
SOC 3920 Social Theory 4 hours
SOC 3960 Quantitative Research Methods 4 hours
SOC 3970 Qualitative Research Methods 4 hours
Take two from the following:
SOC 3520 Group Dynamics or
BUSAD 2500 Principles of Management or
BUSAD 3200 Human Resource Management
6-8 hours
ACCT 1310 Principles of Accounting I 3 hours
ECON 1530 Macroeconomic Principles or
ECON 1540 Microeconomic Principles
3 hours
SOC 2910 Social Statistics or
BUSAD 2100/ECON 2100 Business and Economic Statistics or
Other approved Statistics course
3-4 hours
Electives 10-11 hours

Select three courses from the following and/or from courses not taken from above requirements. No more than two courses may be from one discipline.

BUSAD 2000 Principles of Marketing

BUSAD 2700 Business Law I

BUSAD 3000 Organizational Behavior

BUSAD 4100 Advanced Human Resource Management

BUSAD 4700 Entrepreneurship

SOC 1350/SOC 2350 Sociology of the Family

SOC 2530 Population and Environment

SOC 3540/SOC 4540 Urban Communities

10-11 hours
Capstone 3-4 hours
SOC 4970 Internship or BUSAD 4970 Business Internship or
SOC 4990 Thesis
3-4 hours