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2017-2018 Course Catalog

BIO 4990B Senior Research

1 hour

Majors, Minors & Degrees:


Biology majors will perform individual laboratory or field research projects to meet the senior comprehensive requirement. A research report in scientific format and a formal presentation of the research is required. Biology majors will complete the final version of their research paper and give a formal presentation of their research at the Nebraska Academy of Sciences Annual conference, another scientific meeting, or at the discretion of the instructor. No P/F.
Completion of both BIO 4990A and BIO 4990B will allow students to earn both Writing Instructive and Speaking Instructive credit.
Prerequisite: Approval of the department chair or instructor, and completion of BIO 4990A Senior Research (or in some instances, concurrent enrollment in BIO 4990A).
(Normally offered each spring semester.)