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2015-2016 Course Catalog

Gender Studies (B.A., B.S.)


Core Requirements 18 hours
Gender Studies Major (B.A. or B.S., 34-35 hours)
GEND 3000 Perspectives in Gender 4 hours
GEND 3270/PHIL 3270 Feminist Theories 3 hours
GEND 3400/COMM 3400 Communication and Gender or
SOC 3360 Gender and Society
4 hours
GEND 4970 Gender Studies Internship 3 hours
GEND 4980 Senior Research 2 hours
GEND 4990 Thesis Writing 2 hours
(Select courses from the following; three different disciplines must be represented:)
12 hours
GEND 2100 Coming of Age or Sexualities
ENG 2010 Masterpieces of Literature (Coming of Age or Sexualities) or
GEND 2200/ENG 2200 Topics in World Literature: Sexualities
3-4 hours
GEND 2300P/PHIL 2300 Philosophies of Race and Gender 3 hours
GEND 2300R/RELIG 2300 Women and Religion 3 hours
GEND 2350/SOCWK 2350 Family Violence Across the Lifespan 3 hours
GEND 2370/HIST 2370 History of Women in the United States 3-4 hours
GEND 2550/PSYCH 2550 Psychology of Women 3-4 hours
GEND 2650/PSYCH 2650 Psychology of Gender 3-4 hours
GEND 2700/POLSC 2700 Women and Power 3 hours
GEND 2830/MUSIC 2830 Music and Gender 3 hours
GEND 2850/MUSIC 2850 Sex and the Arts  
GEND 3960 Special Projects 1-3 hours
GEND 2970/GEND 4970 Gender Studies Internship 1-3 hours
GEND 3040/NURS 3040 Global Health 3 hours
SOC 2360/SOC 3360 Gender and Society
(If not used in core requirements)
3-4 hours
GEND 3400/COMM 3400 Communication and Gender
(If not used in core requirements)
3-4 hours
GEND 3410/ENG 3410 Women Writing Across Cultures 3-4 hours
GEND 3550/GEND 4550/HIST 3550/HIST 4550 Women of the American West 3-4 hours
GEND 3730/THTRE 3730 Gender and the Art of Film 3 hours
GEND 3830/MUSIC 3830 Music History: Gender and Sexuality  
Research Methods requirement
(Select one course from the following:)
4-5 hours
COMM 3500 Research Methods 4 hours
ENG 4980 Ways of Reading: Theory and Practice 4 hours
POLSC 2000 Introduction to Statistics and SPSS and
POLSC 3000 Research Methods in Political Science
5 hours
PSYCH 2110 Research Methods in Psychology 4 hours
SOC 3960 Quantitative Research Methods 4 hours
SOC 3970 Qualitative Research Methods 4 hours

Additional courses and appropriate selected topics courses may be used for the major with the approval of the Gender Studies Committee.