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GEND 2100 Coming of Age or Sexualities

3 hours

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An introductory course designed to help students appreciate the literary record of human relationships with nature, the supernatural, and each other. Each course examines a particular question or condition as it is represented in a restricted number of literary works, with core readings from the Bible, Greek or Roman classical literature, Shakespeare, literature by women, and literature by writers of color. Different topics are offered on a rotating basis for ENG 2010 Masterpieces of Literature, however, only the topics of "Coming of Age-Becoming Women, Becoming Men" and "Sexualities" are available as GEND 2100 Coming of Age or Sexualities.
Prerequisite(s): ENG 1010 English Language and Writing.
Coming of Age- Becoming Women, Becoming Men This course looks at texts that represent the forces and processes that are part of maturation, especially those related to gender identity. This course focuses on gender issues and includes feminist perspectives. Sexualities This course is designed to help students appreciate the literary record of romantic relationships. Specifically, the course will explore how writers from different historical periods and cultural milieus address the issue of human sexuality. Note: same-sex relationships will be routinely read about and discussed in the class.