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Public Health (B.S.)

Public Health is the field of study focused on preventing illness and promoting health in individuals, communities and society as a whole. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree is designed to be flexible, and yet provide disciplinary breadth for students interested in an entry-level career or graduate studies in  public health. Students will take courses from a core program, and are suggested to select electives which best
complement their specific area of interest in Public Health. Additionally, a minor might be recommended for students based on their specific area of interest.

Public Health Core 17 hours
Public Health Major (50-51 hours)
HHP 2250 The History of Public Health 3 hours
HHP 3250 Health Services 3 hours
HHP 4350 Public Health Studies I: Current Topics and Politics 3 hours
HHP 4450 Public Health Studies II: Demographics, Geo-Spatial Mapping, Qualitative Research 3 hours
HHP 3990 Professional Engagement 1 hour
HHP 4970 Internship 3 hours
HHP 4990 Senior Capstone 1 hour
Statistics 3-4 hours

Choose one:



3-4 hours

STEM Area 15 hours
CHEM 1110 Chemical Principles I /CHEM 1110L 4 hours
BIO 1400FYW Introduction to Biological Inquiry 4 hours
Additional natural science courses 7  hours
Public Health Electives 15 hours
Minimum of 3 hours must come from each area. Remaining elective may come from any area, with a minimum of 6 elective/supporting area credits taken at a 3000/4000 level.  
Area A: Policies and Systems (select from the following): 3 hours
Area B: Social and Environmental Health (select from the following): 3 hours
Area C: Health Promotion and Communication (select from the following): 3 hours
Additional Electives:
Select 6 hours of additional courses listed above.
6 hours