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MUSIC 2860 Music History II: Racial Equity

4 hours


This course builds on the foundation of the Equal Justice Initiative's work of truth-telling and reckoning about racial injustice, so that the U.S. can move toward healing and repair. We don't have to hide our present legacy of racial difference built during our past. We can confront it, reconcile, and build equity. How does racism operate in music and culture? Students will conduct research in music studies and racial justice and build skills to do the leadership work of antiracist equity. Since music intersects with all fields of study, students select their in-roads based on their majors, minors, passions, and vocation. This course examines foundational concepts and genres from the Classic through Contemporary periods of the music history survey. Students develop and apply music research skills in historical social/cultural context and current published scholarship. The 3000-level course has additional requirements. Please consult with the instructor.