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MSPAN 3630 Latin American Culture and Film

4 hours


Designed for students at the intermediate/advanced level and explores contemporary Hispanic America through Spanish-language feature films and authentic cultural texts. Topics covered include politics, education, diversity of people and geography, immigration, religion, indigenous traditions, economic issues (both advantages and challenges), music, art, and family life. Each of the units focuses on a central theme and a feature film and includes interviews providing current perspectives on the topic, one or more articles from periodicals, a literary selection, cultural notes, and a variety of activities. Through this cinematographic encounter, we will begin to see and understand Latin America in a new way. This course is conducted in Spanish. This course is conducted online and requires students to be self-motivated to keep up with the weekly assignments. Most work is done independently, but there is significant collaboration with other students required as well. Work is done asynchronously.
Prerequisite(s): 6 credits from MSPAN 3000-level coursework or instructor permission.