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MUSIC 1160 Composing for Film and Video Game

3 hours

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This Creative and Performing Arts Elective course introduces students to the process of composing music for visula media. Students will view, analyze, and discuss scenes from multiple films and video games in order to identify features of a scene's character. They will then use these characteristics as the basis for creating supportive musical expression in their own composition. Students will be introduced to the process of synchronizing music to picture, develop rudimentary creative and technical skills in editing audio, and explore ways to compose music using digital audio technology. There are no prerequisites to take this course. While formal musical training can be helpful, this course is designed to accommodate students with minimal musical experience. Students will learn to manipulate already formed samples and loops that accompany Digial Audio Workstation (DAW) software, while also learning how to mix these sounds with music they create using Midi instruments and audio files.