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Minors, with course flexibility, are offered in English. Many majors and minors pursue internships that include workplace-writing responsibilities, earning course credits and Experiential Learning credit. Students also gain experience serving on the editorial board of the campus literary and arts journal The Flintlock. 


Requirements 16 hours
English Minor (16 hours)
ENG 2000 Introduction to Textual Studies 4 hours
Electives. Must include at least 4 hours 3000-level or 4000-level courses.
Only one Topics in World Literature course (ENG 2200-2280) may be counted towards the English minor.
12 hours

First-year writing courses (ENG 1010FYW, ENG 1020FYW, ENG 1030FYW, ENG 1040FYW, ENG 1050FYW, ENG 1060FYW, ENG 1070FYW, ENG 1080FYW, and ENG 1090FYW) may not count toward an English minor.