MUSIC 3840 Music History: The Environment

MUSIC 3840 Music History: The Environment (4 hours)

Through historiography and musical analysis this course provides a rigorous and detailed examination of select pieces across the Western music tradition related to the environment, and also explores the relationships between music, history, and culture. Focusing on works that engage the environment, the course content is designed to provide students with a foundational knowledge of key genres and social/cultural background from different historical periods across the Western music tradition; and give students a sophisticated understanding of the cultural, aesthetic, stylistic, and performance practice issues related to select pieces, using scholarly articles, source readings, and stylistic analysis (scoring, dynamics, rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form).
Prerequisite(s): Junior standing and permission of the instructor.

Archway Curriculum: Essential Connections: Writing Instructive
Archway Curriculum: Integrative Core: Humans in the Natural Environment Thread