BUSAD 3700 Financial Management

BUSAD 3700 Financial Management (3 hours)

Students are introduced to financial management of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Concepts of risk and return, time value of money, and stock and bond valuation are analyzed from a quantitative approach and applied throughout the course. Additional topics covered are the cost of capital as related to discounted cash flow, capital budgeting, and strategic financing decisions. A project consisting of several spreadsheet applications will be utilized in order to expose students to their potential for financial analysis. Topics covered include: basic financial statements, financial ratio analysis, time value of money, valuation and rates of return, the cost of capital, and capital budgeting.
Prerequisite(s): Junior standing and grades of "C-" or better in ECON 1530 Macroeconomic Principles, ACCT 1320 Principles of Accounting II and MATH 1100 College Algebra or higher, or permission of the instructor.
(Normally offered each semester.)