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BIO 3510 Tropical Biology of Costa Rica

3 hours

Majors, Minors & Degrees:


A field ecology course taught in Costa Rica. The purpose of the course is to immerse students in the biology of the rainforest. This is accomplished by students designing and performing scientific research projects, guided hikes, and focusing on particular organismal groups at locations such as Las Cruces Biological Station, a mid-elevation rain forest site. This immersion is supplemented by side trips to interesting locations such as Poas volcano, and a marine location such as Quepos/Manuel Antonio National Park for marine biology exposure and the opportunity for snorkeling or SCUBA (for those that are certified). Trips to Costa Rica typically last 11-14 days, but students meet with instructor for several weeks prior to trip and several weeks after trip, culminated with a poster presentation of their research.
Prerequisite(s): BIO 1400FYW Introduction to Biological Inquiry or permission of the instructor.

(Normally offered every other Winter Term.)