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How does change occur? How does the new come into being? The Chaos thread explores how innovation happens in the arts, in the sciences, and in social institutions, as well as in nations, communities, and individuals. The courses in the thread will look at how existing practices, beliefs, systems, and narratives come under critique, and how their assumptions are challenged; how alternatives to these practices, beliefs, systems, and narratives emerge, and how these alternatives engage the status quo; and how that engagement can lead, or fail to lead, to transformation.

Students in the Chaos thread will learn about the evaluative and critical tools that have in the past been and are in the present being used, in a wide range of political and cultural contexts, to critique existing practices, beliefs, systems, and narratives.  Students will be encouraged not only to be open to the new and unfamiliar, but also to recognize the integrity of the otherness of the new and unfamiliar, resisting the urge to re-model it in the image of the already-known with which they are comfortable. The ultimate goal is to enlarge the student’s pictures of the world.

This thread is 9 hours.

Select 9 Hours  
ART 3000 Art Theory and Critism 3 hours
COMM 3800 Communication Through Dialogue 4 hours
ENG 2240 Topics in World Literature: Revolution and Radical Change 4 hours
ENG 3020 Studies in Writing 4 hours
ENG 3240 Literature of the 1920s I 2 hours
ENG 3250 Postmodernism 2 hours
ENG 3280 Literature of the 1920s II 2 hours
GEND 2850/MUSIC 2850 Sex and the Arts 3 hours
HIST 3700/HIST 4700 Revolutions in Latin America 4 hours
IDS 3200 Experiential Learning - Chaos Thread 1 hour
MUSIC 2630 Theory IV 3 hours
PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hours
PHIL 1100FYW Introduction to Philosophy First Year Writing 4 hours
RELIG 2800 Apolcalyptic Imagination in America 3 hours
THTRE 2210 Avant-Garde and Art Film 3 hours