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HIST 4700 Revolutions in Latin America

4 hours

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Social revolutions constitute exceptional and dramatic events in human history. They bring about radical and sweeping transformations of the existing political, social, economic, and cultural order. The three most conspicuous Latin American revolutions of the 20th century (Mexico 1910, Cuba 1959, and Nicaragua 1979) have had a tremendous impact not just within those countries and the Latin American region, but on hemispheric relations and world politics as well, though the course will explore other revolutions. Using a comparative perspective, this course will discuss the causes, course, and outcome of Latin American revolutions, seeking to highlight their peculiarities, and paying close attention to the political, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of revolutionary transformation. In addition, we will also study unsuccessful revolutionary movements as well, in order to understand the reasons why they ultimately failed to accomplish their goals.